Gulf Coast Interventional Spine & Joint Specialists are your spine and joint pain management doctors on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.
Gulf Coast Interventional Spine & Joint Specialists offers a comprehensive approach to pain management along with office visits, services may include medication management, and interventional procedures. Gulf Coast Interventional Spine & Joint Specialists will assist patients with short-term needs and goals, as well as those needing a more permanent pain management solution. The Physicians at Gulf Coast Interventional Spine & Joint Specialists will evaluate each patient and support an overall health and wellness approach which may include options such as physical therapy, a diet and nutrition plan or a mental wellness program. The goal at Gulf Coast Interventional Spine & Joint Specialist is to provide enough relief that patients can return to activities of daily living and comfort.
We accept most major insurance plans, workers’ compensation and attorney referral accident and injury¬†cases.

Patients must be referred to our office by their physician. Referrals may be made by fax or telephone. A new patient referral form is located on the Contact Us page to assist with the referral process. Your patient will be scheduled for an appointment at the earliest availability.

We are looking forward to assisting you and your patients.

Epidural Steroid Injections

A combination of a corticosteroid medication with a local anesthetic, injected into the space around the spinal cord. The local anesthetic causes immediate pain relief, while the corticosteroid allows long-term relief.

Spinal Cord Stimulator

A procedure that uses an electrical current to treat chronic pain. A small pulse generator sends electrical pulses to the spinal cord that interfere with the nerve impulses that make you feel pain.

Botox Injections

Botox injections are used to treat a number of conditions such as migraines, chronic headaches, focal limb dystonia, muscle contractures, and lower back pain.